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Welcome to The Digital League - a digimon themed OCL

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The Digital League [TDL] is mainly an art focused PvP (player versus player) group / original character league. Put simply members of the group set up battles among themselves, and when the challenge is over all entries by all parties are judged by the group's admins, and rewards are given to all participants.

TDL is an OCL, NOT an OCT
Applications are ALWAYS open




:bulletgreen: > :iconwolfryhedgies: WolfryHedgies VS :iconsilverhairedfreak25: SilverHairedFreak25
Winner: SilverHairedFreak25


:pointr: Wolfry: While the last two panels are cute, the comic as a whole is lacking.  The battle is almost nonexistent aside from the last two panels and I feel like more time should have been spent focusing on the fight itself than the “VS screen” style of panelling for the first two panels.  Next time, use your time wisely so you don’t end up with a rushed final product.  The colors themselves are nice to the eyes and don’t distract you from what’s going on which is good.  Next time, make sure you use your time wisely.  The final two panels are very very cute and would have fit as the first two panels with the battle taking place after them.

:pointr: SHF: Compared to your first roulette entry this is very clear improvement and it looks good.  The actions are clear but variations in your paneling would have helped the battle feel more “actiony” if that makes sense.  For instance, with the view in the fourth panel, there is a lot of empty space with just the two digimon in the upper right corner.  A thinner panel would clear that right up and make it feel compact and to the point.  With your choice of colors, they aren’t heavy on the eyes which is good as well and you made good use of the sliding scale of opacity. But i think you ran out of time to color the humans which is why they were left white.  Either way, it’s great to see improvement.

:bulletgreen: > :iconnitai31: nitai31 VS :iconvyral-veros: Vyral-Veros
Winner: Vyral-Veros


:pointr: Nitai: I see you went for a different approach with your panelling that matched your opponent and that’s good.  But, there is a lot of negative space in your entry that makes it feel like it was stretched or padded out.  If the panels were larger, it would have more of an effect but, they are very small and the characters in them take up 90% of the panel.  There’s no real background to go off of even if it feels like it’s supposed to be a computery type background and the entry is confusing.  While the action is clear, what happens in that third panel and beyond are a mix of confusion and “oh I get it”.  Try to do a little more with your panels and action by making them a little bit clearer.  There is a feeling like there’s supposed to be more in the picture itself but then there’s a realization that there’s nothing else.

:pointr: Vyral: The colors themselves are bright and saturated which make the picture catch your eye from the thumbnail alone as well as the usage of the panels but again, there’s a lot of negative space just like with your opponent’s entry.  Unfortunately as well, in your quest to do something abstract, which we can respect you greatly for, it might have crossed over into the confusion territory.  It took a bit to understand what was going on which isn’t a good thing in terms of clarity.  However, when we understood what was going on, the battle is interesting but the “VS screen” type deal robs the battle of something that could have been much more developed which would help with the clarity.

:bulletgreen: >  :iconspud133: spud133 VS :iconskaphel: Skaphel VS :iconcancrunchgoats: CanCrunchGoats

Winner: CanCrunchGoats


:pointr: Skaph: No show

:pointr: Spud: A very cute entry and something different.  The muted palette gives it a real beachy atmosphere, something late in the day,  which fits the theme.  However not much is going on in it and it feels very lackluster.  Cute but lackluster which harms this entry considerably.  Another thing is when Dashmon is swimming, Dabby isn’t moving at all in that third panel which would make the struggle of her...struggling with Burr feel much better.  Some little moving lines that didn’t have to be moving forward.  Perhaps something that shows her moving backwards in that inner tube or even in another direction to show her being maneuvered off course unintentionally.

:pointr: CanCrunch: Amazing use of perspective and different points of view for this entry.  It makes everything stand out magnificently and that’s exactly what can make a battle very very catching to the eye and entertaining.  It does get a little confusing if one doesn’t really pay attention and that’s just because of the perspective used.  The yellow does get very overpowering though and other colors would have done great to break them up more.  Otherwise, the actions are very well done and helped by the perspectives a lot which makes this entry stand out immensely.

:bulletgreen: > :icona-cidic: a-cidic VS :iconrentooh: Rentooh

Winner: a-cidic

Critiques: (Written by Shase)

:pointr: Lana  [Rentooh] - Total score: 85 pts (art - 35 pts, story - 40 pts, completion - 10pts)

I really liked how the colors were used for this entry, chosen well to represent the characters in the limited palette offered, and the special effects in the last panel really help sell the action of said panel. Though the color choice does make the entry feel serious or gives it a bit of a heavy or gloomy atmosphere, this isn’t a bad thing, it’s just a bit of an uncanny valley for me, and my mind can’t decide if the entry is lighthearted or not, especially combined with some of the dramatic lighting.

I also found the paneling pleasing and dynamic, Bucky overlapping and escaping the panel border really makes it feel like he was sent flying. The characters are well drawn and on model and that’s always nice to see. And the background really helps set the place, though it does seem a little rushed, especially in the last panel with the line work, and the lack of shading in the others, this is a minor thing though.

The action is clear and narrates the battle quite well. The lamp falling on Matrix has a nice weight and impact to it, though the same cannot be said for the attack in the first panel, showing the attack making contact instead of after it hit might of made it have more impact to it. I feel that the closing panel is the strongest and does a great job of finishing ‘the story’ for the entry.

One thing that struck me as odd is the exclusion of Lana from the entry, I understand that JD was needed to have things unfold as they did, and the digimon are fighting, but  having him but not her makes it feel a little weird, like she’s not there at all, this is a tiny nitpick, of course, but I feel I should point it out.

I don’t have too much to nitpick at this entry as it is very solid, overall I enjoyed seeing the prompt well executed, both technically (number of panels, and colors), and telling a brief story in the allotted panels.

:pointr: JD [a-cidic] - Total score: 90 pts (art - 40 pts, story - 40 pts, completion - 10pts)

I’m not gonna lie, it took me a bit to realize (or assume more like it) that that’s Lana on the right in the background of the first panel.

I could comment how the backgrounds are… minimal in this entry, but they really make it feel like the fight is going on in some disco/rave hall when someone just shut off the light (though if those are stars it’s probably outside, on the beach at night, I think?), regardless,  given Cerbmon’s theme and all that really sets the mood in the right way.

The characters have really fun and fluid body language, from Matrix dashing right next to Bucky seeming like he’d attack, to Bucky’s kind of awkward dancing, I love that he’s so confused about what’s going on. JD’s expression in the last panel is adorable, and Fiver at least seems to not really … be sorry at all for possessing Matrix there to win the fight.

The actions and blow have a lot of weight to them, especially with how the characters are squashed and stretched, that punch to the face really made me wonder if Bucky’s teeth will actually fly off.

Nice use of colors, with Matrix especially, it’s clear when he’s doing things of his own accord and when Fiver’s in control, this showing not only through change in color, but also body language.

One thing I’d like to point out, and there’s no going around this, JD cheated, or well, Fiver cheated by possessing Matrix (yes, I’m aware that this is a thing he does and their team strategy more or less), but the fight was supposed to be 1 on 1, and the rules are clear about outside help, be it ‘wanted/asked for’ or by force. However, we’re going to give this a pass since it’s happened in an entry during our first roulette (specifically Ren’s vs. Gomis). Yes, it’s creative and it’s cool to go about a fight in such a manner, but to avoid any possible future debates over cheating and whatnot, we ask you (all of you) to avoid this in future battles. We don’t want to limit your creativity or anything of the sort, but we’d rather not have situations where one party accuses another of using more digimon than agreed upon. We only realized it could be a problem now, so we’re saying it now.

Overall a super solid entry, it’s clear and well executed, and it gets my vote.

:bulletgreen: > :iconpotatocandy: PotatoCandy VS :icondigitalvick: digitalvick

Winner: PotatoCandy


:pointr: Potato: Good use of panels and colors.  There’s a story to this that’s very interesting and goes on with the fact that Nonie is close to her digimon enough for it to actively use an attack that uses her to help itself out of this situation.  The last “panel” feels like it’s been cut off and it makes the impact of what the attack is feel a little lost.

:pointr: Vick: The one thing I like about this entry is the water at the bottom.  The color choices are good, the comic is very easy to understand and read as well.  But it feels rushed at the last minute and the background is the same as your opponent which makes the piece feel unoriginal.  Try to take your time with entries like this and work at a moderate pace.  The stress on the background being the exact same as your opponent can’t be pushed enough.  It 100% feels like you waited until hers went up to work on your entry.

:bulletgreen: > :iconnatchan145: Natchan145 VS :icongomis: Gomis

Winner: Natchan145


:pointr: Natchan: Another entry with very clear improvement.  A good desaturated palette makes the entry feel almost dream like.  The action’s very clear which is a very good thing and there’s some interesting “dialogue” that gives the next two panels clarity and that’s a nice touch.  One thing I must say is that a few of the movements do feel and look stiff, specifically in the last panel which lessens the impact the swing would have.  In fact, the last panel’s impact would feel much more powerful with perspective and foreshortening.  Having Ein swinging which would have Fuathmon kind of falling towards the viewer.  It doesn’t sound too clear with how it’s being explained, apologies.

:pointr: Gomis: Your palette feels very comfortable and relaxing which hilariously contrasts what’s going on in it.  It’s not a bad thing at all just a little hilarious.  One thing that stands out with your entry is how stiff and stilted both parties feel in it.  There is supposed to be weight I can tell but the way it’s drawn tells me the opposite.  Fuathmon’s attack look like they should hurt but I’m being told the exact opposite by how it’s drawn.  

:bulletgreen: > :iconflameofmadness-tag: FlameOfMadness-Tag VS :iconshases: shases

Winner: shases


:pointr: Tag: Unfortunately there’s not much to critique on this because it can be summed up as a lack of an adequate battle.  The art is good but that’s all the entry has going for it.  We understand this is your first time doing a comic but it’s hard to believe the first time doing a battle.  When you plan out a battle, it’s good to view it as a movie that’s playing in your head.  The panels are akin to camera shots/stills and the entire purpose is to make those shots and stills flow together.

:pointr: Shase: Dreamy like atmosphere with the colors chosen and great use of effects and perspective.  In the first panel, the usage of after images would help show just how fast DracoMix really is in this situation.  The speed and blur lines do their job well, and this is just an opinion just like the other ones given but with the ice that’s rising out of the water, an after image would have a stronger impact when it leads up to the punch DracoMix delivers.

:bulletgreen: > :iconraigekiexe: RaigekiEXE VS :iconkamigoat: KamiGoat

Winner: KamiGoat


:pointr: Raigeki: The purple really makes the entry stand out a lot in the thumbnail but there isn’t anything going on it in.  In fact it would have had a better impact if this was a still image instead of a comic.  There’s no real action or battle going on even though there’s clear indication that it’s about to begin.  The last two panels moved up to being the first two panels would help to start this off better.  Another thing to bring up is the third panel which serves no purpose to aid in the picture itself only to add an extra panel to keep it with the 5 panel requirement.

:pointr: Kami: The same can be said in this as well.  The battle itself works as a still image far better as a comic.  There’s nothing really happening and the colors don’t add much to the atmosphere.  It is cute to see the little “getting ready” motions and when comparing yours and your opponent, both entries feel the same right down to the fine points of it.  But, the fact that in yours both parties seem to be using attacks puts it just over the bar to say something is happening.


Alright, it's much later and I'm not at work so I can post up the prizes.

Now then, you all know that a full comic entry is worth 8 points.  However since these were just small, short comics, the number of points is halved to 4 for the winner, 2 for the loser.  Also, bonus XP will be given to everyone who participated which goes into the next point.

As of now, all battles with digimon under Perfect/Ultimate level will be rewarded with 2 XP.  After reaching said Perfect/Ultimate level the original 1XP gain is reinstated.

So again:

Everyone receives 2XP for participating.  Match winners receive 4 points and losers receive 2.  If you have enough points to purchase something out of the shop then please note us what you want.  If you don't, disregard this.

Thanks for all that you do and keep up the good work.
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